Bizer's GPS Page

Information about electronic formats of Bizer's data of Winnipesaukee and Winnisquam

Updated 03-JAN-2020


Electronic Charts For Your GPS and/or PC are NOW available.




C-Map and Navionics


Both C-Map and Navionics license Bizerís data for use with their GPS chips/cartridges.Due to low volume, Bizer no longer offers C-Map or Navionics data cartridges directly to boaters.

         You could contact C-Map ( or Navionics ( directly to purchase one of their products

         If you know exactly what you want, most marinas around the lake could order your C-Map or Navionics data card.Kellog Marine wholesalers would have the item in stock.Kellogg makes daily deliveries to Winnipesaukee marinas during boating season.

BIZER'S Downloadable file for your Garmin GPS

After hundreds of requests from Garmin users, Bizer has started development on a file that can be loaded into a Garmin GPS.For 2009, Bizer is releasing version G2 of this product.  This product has limitations.  It does not have as much information as the C-Map chip of Winnipesaukee.  However, it the best available product for a Garmin GPS.  It has the shoreline, islands, buoys, rocks, and some of the boating routes depicted.  For a complete description go to  This product is available for download (via email). If you prefer, Bizer will deliver this product on a SD/MicroSD chip or on a 16-mb Garmin DataCard.

Do you have map software for your PC?


If you have your own mapping software (such as Fugawi or Oziexplorer) and you want an electronic version of Bizer's chart, well lookee here.  Bizer also offer's it's map of Winnipesaukee electronically, on a CD for your own personal use.  The CD has Bizer's most recent chart in several formats:

         In BMP format at 96 bits per inch and 254 bits per inch

         In TIF format at 96 and 254 BPI

         In JPG format at 96 BPI

         In GIF format at 96 BPI

         In PostScript format

         If you need another format PLEASE ASK and we'll try to accommodate you.

This even contains all the corrections on Bizer's twelfth edition chart.  However, no software comes with Bizer's charts.  The cost is $49.50 plus shipping/handling charge (see below to order). - Product code WWCD

Ordering Bizer's charts in electronic format

The cost of each item is:  

         $110.00 for Bizerís file for downloading to your Garmin GPS (See Bizerís Garmin page,

         $49.50 for Bizer's chart on a CD (WWCD) - (Available NOW)

         $29.50 for Bizerís chart in PDF format (No delivery charge as this 2.1 mb file is emailed to you- Product Code WWPD

And add Shipping/Handling charges are

         $4.80 for standard delivery (4-7 days)

         $7.80 for Priority Mail delivery (2-3 days)

Mail a check to Bizer; 20 Sherburn Circle; Weston, MA 02493.   Massachusetts' residents, add sales tax.  We will ship the merchandise when you tell us the check has been put in the mailbox.  Or call us Ė 617-413-3940 we can accommodate your needs.Due to low volume, Bizer does not take credit cards.