Version 9 of Bizer's Garmin/Winnipesaukee is now available for use on Garmin devices.

Updated 23-Aug-2015 Bizer's ninth version of Garmin/Winnipesaukee can be pre-loaded onto Garmin DataCards, SD cards and MicroSD cards

WARNING - 23-August-2015 - WARNING -

In June, 2015, Bizer started receiving emails that Bizer's data was not working on certain newer Garmin devices.  Eventually, Bizer discovered that Garmin has started to block third-party map from some of its GPS devices.  Bizer has contacted Garmin, but they are unconcerned about the fact that many boaters want Bizer accuracy.  Garmin has convinced themselves that Garmin's LakeVu product is quite good despite the fact that they show no rocks in Winnipesaukee. 

So far, it appears that Garmin's blocking only applies to new models manufactured in 2015.  Thanks to one Bizer customer who tested Bizer software at West Marine, it appears that the following Garmins will not accept Bizer data:

This same customer determined that Bizer's map of Winnipesaukee did work on the following models: It appears that any Garmin GPS that was manufactured prior to 2015 will accept Bizer's data.  If you want to test Bizer data on a GPS at an electronics store, and you have a bit of computer knowledge, you can try the following: Another option is that you could call Garmin Customer Support and see what models do not their-party maps.  Another option is to email them at and ask them what Garmin's devices will accept Bizer software.  Bizer guarantees that Bizer's map will work in your Garmin device or we will refund the money for the Bizer data. 

As a secondary note, Bizer believes that Garmin copied Bizer's depth data from a chart published about 11-13 years ago.  Their LakeVu product fails to show the seven rocks that Bizer (or Bizer customers) have discovered since 2002.  Bizer finds it unbelievable that Bizer and Garmin just happen to overlook the same seven rocks.  Also, LakeVu buoys contain several errors and are more than twelve years old.  Garmin fails to show that FL12 and FL59 moved in 2004 and 2005 respectively.  Nor does Garmin include the 8 buoys that were added between 2003 and 2012. 


Bizer's Garmin data NOW works on the new chartplotters that accept BlueChart maps.  This includes the 42x, 43x, 44x, 52x, 53x, and 54x series.  We have limited experience with BlueChart_G2 devices, but our product is guaranteed to work on your device or your money will be refunded.  See the bottom of this page for samples of Bizer's map on Bizer's Garmin 276C. 

Bizer's Garmin data will NOT work on

To the best of Bizer's knowledge, Bizer's data will work on all Garmin GPS that are less than five years old, (except NuVis 1390T/1450T and those with the lifetime-map feature). 

We are now calling Bizer's 8th version of Garmin/Winnipesaukee, D8 (downloadable), G8 (Garmin DataCards), and S8 (on SD/MicroSD cards).

UPDATE March, 2014: Bizer announces the availability of the eighth version of Winnipesaukee for Garmin.  This includes changes that were encountered during our annual survey of Lake Winnipesaukee in September, 2013, as well as changes announced by the Marine Patrol in January, 2014.  If you purchased a previous Bizer Garmin edition, you may upgrade to Version four for $48. 

Version 8 is available in three different formats (D8, G8, & S8). 

To purchase the download version, please download winni-D8.doc (for version D8). Complete and mail the form.  In about 10 days you will receive via email.  To see if your Garmin is compatible, please download Bizer's test file,, below.  Memory needed: Both versions require less than two megabytes of storage.  The smallest Garmin DataCard (sixteen megabytes) should be adequate. 

To purchase Winnipesaukee pre-loaded onto a Garmin SD/Micro_SD card for use with BlueChart_G2 Garmin devices, please download winni-S8.doc. Complete and mail the form.  In about 10 days you will receive your Garmin SD/Micro_SD card in the mail.  (NB: Do not use this for NuVi.  See Below.)

To purchase Winnipesaukee pre-loaded onto a Garmin DataCard, or pre-loaded onto a SD/MicroSD card please download winni-S8.doc (for version S8). Complete and mail the form.  In about 10 days you will receive your Garmin DataCard in the mail.  (NB: Do not use this for NuVi.)

So far, Garmin users have been able to successfully download or load into all Garmin GPS less than five years old. 

Special notes for NuVi users. 
Although NuVis are primarily an automobile navigation aid, Bizer has been able to load its data onto its own NuVi.  Users have reported success on many different NuVis.  However, on two models, 1390T and 1450T, users have reported problems.  While the shoals are visible on these models, the boating routes are not visible and some of the buoys are not shown.  Prior to purchasing version D8 for your NuVi, Bizer suggests

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